When designing this ski we set out to make a ski to discover a new country for yourself on , whatever the conditions. Be it slack-country, side country, or the back-country, we wanted the Pioneer to take you on an adventure.After multiple prototypes we finally settled on a construction that weighed just 1.7kg/ski, it was a perfect ski for skiing all day, whether its out hiking, touring, or simply charging about the resort. The medium length turn radius, versatile rocker and directional sidecut will let you ride with confidence whether there is fresh snow on the ground, days old crust or you’re on hard-pack. 175 & 184cm available now, 165 available 2020!

Don’t just take our word for it though, this was how Blister Reviewer, Luke Koppa, described them in his independent ‘Flash Review”:

“it’s very easy to slash around in soft snow, and feels very playful overall. It has an incredibly low swing weight. I loved it in the air. It also felt great on landings. The suspension / damping of the Pioneer is quite good for its weight. In tight terrain, the Pioneer feels exceptionally quick and nimble. As a backcountry ski, I think the Pioneer could be a lot of fun, particularly in softer conditions. For wiggling through trees and slashing your way through spring corn, I think this ski would be great. The Fauna Pioneer is a unique ski. It’s extremely quick, loose, and playful in soft conditions, and surprisingly strong in the middle of the ski.”

(As a member, you can read the full Flash Review over on Blister)


True Ski Length Dimensions (mm) Radius
184 cm 115-125-105-120-110 22m
175 cm 114-124-104-119-109 21m
164 cm 113-122-103-118-108 19m
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– Fauna Die-Cut 1.8mm PTex 3000 Base
– 2.5 x 2.5mm Park-Detuned Edges
– Biax Carbon Matt
– Triax Fibreglass +Binding Matt
– Paulownia/Ash Core
– Walnut Gun-Stock Sidewalls
– Epoxy Protected Wood Veneer Topsheet
– Screen Printed Eagle Design by Ruairidh Von Linden

True Ski Length Tip Height Tail Height Eff. Edge (cm)
184 cm 64mm 57mm 126
175 cm 63mm 56mm 121.5
164 cm 61mm 55mm 113